Dalton Dual Ended Brow Brush


Shape and style your eyebrows like the pros

Dalton's Brow Fix is the product that put us on the map.  But our innovation didn't stop with the unique Brow Fix formula - the right tools make all the difference.  Dalton's Dual Ended Brow Brush makes it easy to shape your brows and apply just the right amount of color for natural looking brows. What is it? Superior in quality, workmanship and durability, our dual end Brow Brush is the perfect tool for creating great brows. The "Spoolie end" makes it easy to groom and prepare your eyebrows for brow powders, while the slightly stiffer brush end, made with the finest all natural hair, helps you to control and apply an even application of brow gel. Why is it different? This hand shaped all in-one brush was specifically designed to help you create a groomed professional look.  This brush has a slightly angled tip for helping hold and transfer our brow powders. How do I use it? First start with the spiral grooming end and groom your brows into the desired shape. Then proceed with the angled brush. With short upward strokes beginning at the base of the brow, follow around the natural arch to achieve a professional finish.

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